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Dr. Mac’s World of Behavior Management

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Hello Parents and Friends!

Have you ever felt like your child wasn’t listening to you? Have you ever wished your child would follow your directions the first time, so you could spend less time repeating yourself, nagging, or even screaming??  Have you ever wondered why your children act like THAT??? Have you ever felt like you could be a better parent, but you just weren’t sure how to do it?

Most of parents and teachers would agree that one of our biggest challenges is managing children’s behavior! Fortunately, there are many experts, ideas, and strategies that can help us. Today, I want to share one of my favorite resources for behavior management with you. It is a website Within this website Dr. Mac shares tons of practical ways to improve children’s behavior. Almost every type of child or difficult situation you can imagine is covered on this site.

You can visit the “For Parents” link for tips on:

  • helping your child make better choices
  • parenting the defiant child
  • motivating your child

You will also find helpful information in the “Intervention Strategies” tab and the “For Teachers” tab. Just remember you must register for the website using your e-mail address in order to get access. Once registered, you be e-mailed a link which you will use to log in. Save the e-mail, because you will need it each time you log in to

Take your time browsing…and prepare for a happier home and family!!!

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GREAT Math Website

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Hello Parents and Friends!

One of the BEST gifts you can give your child is to stimulate their mathematical mind! I know how much your children love to use the internet, so why not have them use their computer time wisely? I recently found a wonderful website full of math lessons and games, and I am excited to share it with you!

Math Playground is an action-packed site for elementary and middle school students. The visual graphics and music are highly engaging!  Not only is this website FUN, but it is jam-packed with skills practice, logic games, and word problems. You can even create and print math worksheets for your child!!

I’d love to hear what you and your children think of the playground!

Can I Sharpen My Pencil???…and other classroom questions

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Greetings Teacher Friends!!

Has one of your great lessons been side-tracked by a question like, can I have a band-aid? If you are an elementary teacher, you’ve probably heard this question thousands of times! Elementary teachers can easily spend more time nursing than teaching. Whether it is dull pencils, blood, headaches, scratches, or early finishers, young children have lots of situations that need our attention.

I found a helpful article I want to share with you. Classroom Management for Elementary Teachers can be found on  In this article, blogger Gaetan Pappalargo shares practical ideas that can help streamline your classroom management. Her idea is to answer the question before it is asked. Giving students clear expectations, about even the most trivial situations, can cause the classroom to run more smoothly!

Laugh, use, and share-